The All Rolling Stones Band

who we are/Bios

No, we don’t play country music! Formed in 2007 this quintet got together to perform songs made famous by the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world…The Rolling Stones. From multi-million selling hits to obscure deep tracks Wild Horses combs the Stones prolific discography for tunes that will represent the longevity and creative evolution of The Stones. Every performance includes the standards you expect along with nuggets you won’t hear anyone else play…anywhere! Sing along, dance along, you’ll love the vibe and the high energy performance Wild Horses gives to every audience. It’s a gas, gas, gas!

Bobby O’Brien ~ Lead Vocals

Bobby O’Brien, “always a bridesmaid….” The lead singer of Wild Horses says his musical career has always been a string of  "near misses” going back over thirty years. The first live music I ever played was folk music in Catholic Church basements and Jesuit coffee houses. I was totally into Simon and Garfunkel, early Dylan, Leonard Cohen.

After High school and into college I did sound for a local band, Cloudburst and started working at PCI Studios on Atlantic Avenue where I also recorded demos of original material with the “usual suspects” of the local music scene.

In 1979 Capital Records was close to signing me as a singer-songwriter but decided that all 5 songs I had recorded sounded like 5 different types of music and they passed. Bearsville Records (Foghat, Todd Rundgren) also expressed an interest and at the last minute did a 180. In the early 80’s I wrote a number of songs with local musician and producer, Tony Gross (Head East, Beyond). Those songs now reside on a dusty old reel of 2” tape somewhere in the archives of Tony’s recording studio.

In 1986 I wrote “Only For the Moment” with Scott Kreyer and Annie Woods of the group Toronto. The song was published by The Lowery Group (Joe South, B.J. Thomas, Bertie Higgins) in Atlanta Georgia and was due to be released on Valentine’s Day 1987 on an album Scott and Annie recorded in Atlanta. Sonny Limbo, the producer and champion of the rock material in a country music publishing house died suddenly and the project lost its momentum.

The masters from those sessions remained dormant for twenty years until Scott Kreyer got a call from a gentleman by the name of Brad Trew from Canada who was starting a small online record company called Cyclone Records. He wondered if he could re-release earlier Toronto material. Much to his surprise he was offered a chance to remix and release the “lost “ Lowery tapes on his fledgling label. Brad jumped at the chance and did a stellar remix of the unreleased material. The result was an album called Live It Up which is currently available and Only For The Moment finally saw the light of day after two decades on the shelf.

One night at the age of 46 I stood looking out at the snow blowing around the streetlights and something inside me said that to not find a way back into my lifelong musical passion would be a sin. In 2002 Stone Soup was born with Scott Kreyer and John Donohue. John remains in the picture with Wild Horses. Stone Soup did about 75% Stones and the rest of the material was various British bands who left their marks in the 60’s and 70’s such as the Kinks, Bowie and Traffic.

Wild Horses, an all-out Rolling Stones band is really a dream I’ve had since junior high. To hear the comments from people and see their eyes light up as we cover hit after hit….I know that this time I’m at the right place with the right people at the right time.


John Donohue ~ Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar and Vocals

John is a willing victim of the original British Invasion (1960’s musical version, not the R evolutionary War one). Influenced by the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, and others he extorted a guitar from his grandfather one Christmas and was off to the races. After four guitar lessons he naively volunteered to play at the 4th grade talent show. Half-way through a balky and uneven rendition of “ America the Beautiful” he lost his place, froze and surrendered his dignity by bolting from the classroom to a cacophony of giggles, guffaws and snide comments from his classmates. He declined to perform in public again until 2002 (about 40 years in musical exile) when he was coaxed out of hiding to join local Stones band Stone Soup, a short-lived and short-sighted venture that left him jaded and bruised emotionally. Ever the trooper, John teamed with Stone Soup lead singer, Bobby O’Brien in an attempt to resurrect the concept of a group of friends who love playing and performing the greatest rock n’ roll ever written. This time John thinks he got it right!

“My band mates are all seriously disturbed, but in a really funny way…it’s a gas, gas, gas!”


John "Johnny B" Bornheimer ~ Guitars and Vocals

I  learned to sing by singing along to my Mom's Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles, and Eagles albums. Learned my love of wicked & nasty lead guitar playing from my Dad's Santana, Led Zeppelin, and Creedence Clearwater Revival albums.

I played trumpet in school and learned the bass guitar for jazz band but when I got my first real six string...and yes, I did buy it at the five-and-dime...I had found the instrument that I'll play for the rest of my life.

I love the way the electric guitar can be coaxed to whisper...and then scream...how it can go from crackling and cutting bright rhythm to howling fuzzy lead and all points in between...And most of all I love the bobbing and weaving interplay between Keef and Ronnie. So I'll gladly play Ronnie to JD's Keef.

Even though I front my own band, when the chance came to join the Horses I didn't hesitate...because the Stones, man, that's the thing. I might have started with the Beatles...but have always been a Stones guy! 


                                                                     Dave DeBellis ~ Drums, Percussion and Vocals

I was born a poor black child. It wasn’t until I heard my first Montovani record, that I realized music was my life. I toured with several obscure bands for a while like Zepherus Eek, and Captain Sky Frog, but it wasn’t until I hooked up with Wild Horses that I found my true calling. Playing Rolling Stones music with a group of extremely talented, incredibly good looking, well packaged, over the hill guys. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

                                                                                Tony Wechsler ~ Bass 

Tony Wechsler has been playing bass since a friend in a garage band from Jr. High School handed him a bass and said..."we need a bass player." All those years of piano lessons paid off and Tony took to the bass like bird droppings on a freshly washed car!

After rocking and rolling through the high school and college years, Tony's magic fingers ended up in such great bar bands like "The Mods" back in the 80's, "The Beatbusters" and "My Girl Bill" in the 90's, and was most recently with "Intrigued" until 2009.

Being a "lefty," on the bass and having a (you guessed it) Hofner bass, Tony played in several Beatles oriented cover bands. He also plays guitar and keyboards and sings whenever called upon to do so, from lead to back-up vocals. Although, no longer in his 20's, he relies on a C-clamp to hit some of those high notes. Tony is also a songwriter but being in Rochester, the land of 1000 cover bands, he writes more as a hobby.

After taking a short break and "playing around" as a "fill in" guy with several local bands, Tony recently joined the newly formed Last Exit. He is ready to lend his high energy style of bass and back-up vocals to an awesome set of musicians.